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Winter Update!

See what I did there?

Hello everyone!

I thought I would write this little update on where things are in my second book.

As you can see, I'm pretty happy with the progress I've made the last few months. A lot more to write for sure, it's been a busy season, but I'm very pleased with the content and arcs playing out in the story. I am expecting it to be about as long as Homecoming, but will have to see how things go in editing.

Then, the Homecoming audiobook is 3/4 complete in the main mixes. There will be retakes and mastering fixes at the end, but for what my authorial endeavor has been for this past year or so, I'm very happy with the overall product.

So those waiting for the audiobook should not have to wait too much longer. I'm aiming for May/June at this point. I should hopefully be able to publish it on Audible, but if not it will be available somewhere. Still deciding the final distribution platform.

Final length should be about 21 hours long, so it'll be a meaty amount of content. Thank you all for your support! Will update you again soon.

- Frank

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