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"Ten Years Have Passed..."

"It was a moderately warm autumn day..." Yeah, maybe in the Bay Area, with some coastal breeze. Here in the Sacramento Valley it was hot as... well, Hell!

Lol, I'm sorry, I digress.

Today is October 19th, 2023, the ten-year anniversary of the Villa Vista Bombing. While I don't want to spoil the big Zero Day at the end of the book, I think it ended up being a nice, bittersweet ending for the story as a whole.

As soon as I was writing the ending of Homecoming, I knew that I hadn't touched on even a fraction of what I needed to. After focusing on the perilous afterlife of the victims, there was a whole story to tell on how the tragedy affected the world they left behind. And while fictional circumstances, it gave me the chance to talk about some very real subject matter and reference some very real events. Lord knows those discussions are as necessary as ever.

Overall, I am still so happy with Harbinger, and the Villa Vista Duology as a whole. I have made more progress with the audiobook. I'm close to halfway done. I would be further along, but my own life has been far too enjoyable to take any free time away from.

My incredible fiancé is now my wife and we have been busy since the honeymoon getting our house organized. One of my wedding vows was something to the effect of "my own love story has been better than anything I could have written". And that is certainly true, God has blessed me immeasurably over the last year or so, which was more needed than ever after what had been the lowest point in my life.

I hope to have the Harbinger audiobook as well as my third novel out within the next 12 months, but if it doesn't happen, that's okay too. Frankly, it's nice having my time filled with so much real love and togetherness. Not just with my wife, but her family, my family, and now our mutual and couple friends.

Little by little, more reviews and ratings have come in. If you have checked out either book, please leave a rating and a review. Anything to boost them in the algorithm is always appreciated! And of course, buy the Homecoming audiobook with an Audible credit, or one of the paperback or hardcover books.

It's Homecoming season and the spookiest of months, after all ... this is the perfect time to gift some dark fantasy supernatural thrillers to friends and family!

Happy Holidays to everyone, hope to have another update soon!

- Frank

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1 Comment

WD Schweigh
WD Schweigh
Oct 20, 2023

It was a wonderful book and so was the second one. So happy our son has found the love of his wife and is now married. We love them so much. Many fun times ahead and our son will continue his wonderful writing also. Many blessings and much love, Troy, our dear son.

Love, Mom and Dad xxxooo :)

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