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Winter Mourning

It's Monday, February 6, 2023, which is the day that the Prologue and Chapter 1 of Harbinger takes place.

It's crazy to think that I first came up with those opening scenes two years ago. It felt so far away to look at a 2023 calendar and map out how I wanted this story to unfold.

Chris Tidwell beginning his year at the FBI was the pivotal moment, the first domino that had to fall for the fight against the Harbinger to begin so that its curse could be unraveled. Just toying around with those points of reflection was enough for me to realize how much more story I wanted to tell concerning the victims of the Villa Vista Bombing.

It was as I was editing and finalizing the third act of Homecoming that I realized how almost all of the main characters had left siblings behind. It seemed so obvious in retrospect. The first book mostly just follows the teens and teachers who die in the bombing. Barely one chapter covers the initial reactions of those in the living world. Just considering how that tragedy would play into the lives of each of those siblings was enough kindling to really get a sequel roaring.

It'll be nice to watch the year play out with the chapters. I'm in the middle of recording the audiobook right now. I actually finished the Prologue and Chapter1: Ghosts back on Halloween of last year, as I was waiting for the Homecoming audiobook to post on Audible. So, I did get a bit of a head start. I'd be a quarter done with the audiobook if I hadn't been sick for the past six weeks. But at least I still have a head start.

God willing, I'll be able to get the chapters recorded before the days they actually play out. It would be nice to release the Harbinger audiobook before Christmas, but we'll see what happens.

In other update news, my third novel is coming along nicely. Also a bit slowed down because of my recent illness, but a lot of little things are coming together. I have the cover art mostly done, pending a few tweaks once I get the demo prints. I also recently received the commission for the theme song! The final piece is so beautiful, and I had the chance to work with a musician I've been listening to for some time.

This third book looks like it will start a new duology as well. I have two major arcs that revolve around a central pivot point. Not that the first book will end on a "cliffhanger" per se, but the plot potential for the second one will become obvious once you reach the first Epilogue.

Anyway, I'm really excited. Like the Villa Vista Duology, they will technically count as supernatural thrillers. I think it'll be a relatively fresh take on a familiar flavor of monster. And of course I'll go into more detail on influences once it releases ... so subscribe to receive updates to this blog!

This first book was conceived of even before Harbinger, I was working on the worldbuilding and characters for a good two months before pivoting to work on Harbinger. So, I've had a lot of time to outline ideas, arcs, characters, locations, and all the other meaty plot details in between. I think people will really enjoy it.

In the meantime, pick up the Villa Vista Duology and the Homecoming audiobook! Even once you've read both, the audiobook really brings all the characters to life as only I can ... lol.

Have a happy 2023! Hopefully the Year of the Rabbit will bring luck to us all.

- Frank

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