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"Thank you, Gina ... and thank you, all of you, the voters, for electing me as your next congressman!


We have seen nothing but gridlock in Washington for too long on too many issues that matter. I know a lot of politicians have made promises that they were going to bring real change. But to be perfectly honest, none of them have lost what I lost.

Jennifer was the sweetest, brightest girl in the world. I remember the day she was born, remember all those early years. Even as a toddler, she was precocious. If our situations were reversed, she'd be the one celebrating her election right now. She'd probably be on track to become our first woman president. But she never got the chance to be any of that.

I still think about walking her to the Villa Vista Elementary School building before heading off to high school. All those little memories are like the hearth of a fireplace, keeping me warm, keeping me marching forward. When the apathetic, the entrenched, the greedy, the uncaring try to so much as slow me down when I cross the Potomac, they will know what it means to truly have the people behind you!


Not just for Jennifer, but the other 337, for the 262, for the siblings, and parents and families, for those who suffer needless violence because we leave so many of our children in toxic institutions, we will bring reform! We will build the mental healthcare system that was promised decades ago. We will build a school system that focuses on the children, not the cancerous institutions that leech off of their futures in the form of debt or creative decay. We are going to do better for the next generation, so that this generation did not suffer in vein! Thank you, and God Bless America!"


- Congressman Maxwell's victory speech at his election night party in the Hotel Fairmont San Francisco ballroom. (Tuesday, November 8, 2022)

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WD Schweigh
WD Schweigh
09 нояб. 2022 г.

Yes, I love it. Just like in real life - major issues that candidates run on. The book was great and Nathan Maxwell added a lot of intrigue and excitement to the book Must read The Harbinger!! Excellent book, a thriller you will NOT be able to put down! :) WS

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