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The Afterparty

With the Homecoming dance over with, it's time to head to your final destinations!

Fun fact, the main story of Homecoming takes place over a period of five days, from Friday, October 18th, 2013 to Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013.

There are also some flashback and flashforward scenes scattered throughout.

It's almost midnight California time, so we are transitioning from Day 2 into Day 3.

This is roughly how those five days play out. You can see the real meat of the Act 2 conflict in Day 4.

You might also notice that the book in this image is Hardback! I'm reviewing the demo copy right now to see if anything else needs to be changed before release. Overall though, it looks great. Definitely worth it for those who love collectables or want a copy as a display piece ... like I do, lol.

Check out Homecoming on Amazon! Now available in Kindle and Paperback. Hardback is on the way and the audiobook is in production. Hopefully that will be ready in Winter of 2022.

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