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Strength in Remembrance

"On this night, nine years ago, 337 innocent souls were snuffed out in the prime of their lives.

The Villa Vista Memorial Foundation has commemorated every year since with as much dignity as we can. Most of us lost someone in the disaster. But being so near to these reverential grounds has only emboldened us. Every year we try to quantify how much we have done to find meaning in this senseless act. Every year we are awestruck by the actions of our brothers and sisters living boldly, in spite of the weight of the loss.

This year, there is one such man we must highlight. While we do not endorse any political parties or candidates, we applaud the tenacity that Nathan Maxwell has shown in bringing this conversation to the surface once again. In a few short weeks he may become the congressman representing Alexandria in the U.S. House of Representatives.

There should be dozens, even hundreds of men and women like him. Despite the loss of his younger sister, he is making waves and leading the way for real change. No matter what your platform is, a national political stage, your local park, the breakroom in your office, the loading dock of your warehouse, or even a soapbox on a street corner... every person you meet, every soul you touch, is one more person feeling the warmth and love of those we lost.

We wish you all well. We will continue to light the candles so that the lights of the 337 continue to shine and cast away darkness wherever they're carried."

- The website post from the Villa Vista Memorial Foundation on October 19th, 2022, commemorating the ninth anniversary of the bombing.

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- Frank

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