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Paperback and Promo Out Now!

Hello everyone!

I am so happy to write that the Paperback version is out now!

I went through several iterations, honing every little detail of the book design into something I'm really happy with. For those of you who really want to support the book, please consider buying the physical paperback. It looks great on a shelf and feels great to read in your hand.

Also, paperback, or Kindle pre-order, please leave a review. Reviews really help with boosting visibility in the Amazon algorithm.

Also, hope you enjoy the promo and the first listen to the original theme music commissioned. You'll be hearing it much more intimately with the audiobook whenever I can finish that... lol.

Also, please use the hashtag #HomecomingVillaVista for talking about it on Twitter or elsewhere. While the release is obviously capitalizing on the titular dance season, this will help uniquely identify posts about the book. Thanks for reading!

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