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Homecoming Audiobook Now Available!

After 18 months of work, it is finally finished ...

And how appropriate that it should release on November 1st, All Saints' Day. For those who don't understand the significance, you will by the end of the story.

It's mind blowing to think that I recorded the prologue in April of 2021. Then, in October of 2022, I was submitting the finalized files to ACX. Through them, the Homecoming audiobook is now available through Apple and Audible.

This was such a point of personal fulfillment for me. I moved across the country for a job after college, and that job required a lot of commuting. On top of that, I was flying back home to California regularly. I had a lot of free time to listen to things. That's when I discovered Audible. Naturally, the first one I bought was Jurassic Park, as read by Scott Brick. Although, I've loved things like radioplays ever since road trips when I was a kid.

The first thing I thought about while driving in the car, listening to the unnerving opening chapters of the Michael Crichton classic, was how much I would love to see a novel of my own in that library one day.

That was eight years ago, and the reality still hasn't fully settled in yet.

Homecoming was a story idea I had as a sixteen-year-old Junior in high school, hence the age and grade of most of the main characters. All of my creative aspirations since those formative years have led me to this. I dreamt the first chapter on Christmas morning, 2020. When I first put together the cover for my book, it was not the 6x9 cover of the paperback, it was the square you see above, the art for the audiobook. This was always the endgame. I feel deeply in my bones that this is what I was meant to do in this life to some degree.

Of course, I'm blessed with another career and very fulfilling life outside of these creative pursuits, but I can't turn this off. I intend to keep writing and keep recording for quite a while. I'm not sure what influence my creative works are meant to have on the world, but I want to keep creating regardless ...

And in that vein, the answer is "Yes." I have already started recording the Harbinger audiobook. I have no idea when that will actually be out. Other things going on right now take a lot more precedence than day-to-day writing and recording. Those will keep happening in the gaps and pauses of living the rest of my life to its fullest. Ideally, I'd like to have it finished by election day, 2024. If you don't know why that date matters, you need to finish Harbinger.

But for now, there's a lot of audiobook to enjoy. So get Homecoming today, and please leave a review!

On top of the normal sample, take a listen to this select section from the end of Chapter 7: "One Last Dance":

Thank you again for all of your love and support.

- Frank

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