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eBook Available Now!

Everyone please get back to your seats, because the main course is ready to be served.

I am so happy to finally be releasing Homecoming in what will likely be its most read format.

In the modern age, eBooks have become an incredible advent for bibliophiles. Aside from the global reach, malleability of the body text, and ease of access, its main benefit has been cost savings. For numerous reasons, this is being released as a Kindle exclusive, at least for the first 90 days. If you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription, you can read it for free right now! Amazon, for all its faults, has created an incredibly streamlined process for self-publishers. It put the tools of storytelling back into the hands of storytellers, rather than a few (other) giant corporate entities who own the publishing houses. I'm hoping the same proves to be true with audiobooks as soon as I finish getting this recorded and edited for Audible. I may also look into setting up a hardback option, just to see how that works. For now though, I'm very proud of the paperback and eBook versions, which went through several iterations to polish every aspect of the releases. So, have a seat with your eReader of choice, grab a glass of sparkling cider, and enjoy ... one last dance.

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