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Dance Music

Hello everyone! With the eBook release only days away, I have a special treat to help set the mood. As you'll be able to tell from the story, music has always played an important role in my life. It was as symbolic and meaningful to me during my own high school years as I've made it to the students of Villa Vista High School.

I was always planning on recording an audiobook, which is almost halfway finished, by the way. As such, I was always planning on commissioning a theme song for the story to use for that audiobook, as well as promotional material. After hearing part of it in that first big promo, I am now happy to release the full version of "Villa Vista Elegy"! Every part of it has a special meaning I specified to the composer, L-Train, from the guitars to the choir. So, hopefully you'll pick up on all those subtle musical details as you listen.

It's meant to be enjoyed with the Prologue, as well as the end of Chapter 8. But that was far from the only piece of music I listened to during the writing process, so I've prepared a playlist of nearly 100 songs that you can enjoy as well. Hopefully you're wearing your dancing shoes, because it's going to be a night to remember:

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