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Booktasters for Goodreads

I recently discovered the website and the collective of reviewers and authors associated with it.

I decided to take advantage of one of their package offers to get some more reviews and traction on my novels.

Marketing is still admittedly my weakest skill when it comes to all this, so hopefully once I can get some more eyes on the books, the website here, my social media pages, I'll begin finding the right audience.

I don't have great expectations of being a Stephen King or anything, but I think my works will appeal to a certain demographic, that I can form a cult following of similar minds over time. So if you are from said unestablished demo in the future, I hope you're enjoying the back catalogue!

I recently received my first review for the Homecoming audiobook on Audible, and it really made my day. It was such a simple and positive reaction. These are the kind of reviews that put kindling on the fire of creativity. So whoever this anonymous Kindle Customer is, thank you.

Anyway, hopefully other Booktasters reviewers will enjoy my stuff, that I can eventually find that readerbase that follows me for new novels and audiobook releases.

I've decided to become a reviewer on that side of things myself! It's not something I thought too much about before, but I do believe in a certain sort of cosmic karma. I hope I can find books that appeal to me and give some honest and positive reviews. Put some good waves out into the universe and hope the surf comes back to you. My first review can be found here. It was an emotional non-fiction memoir by a woman who grew up in a cult:

If you have a Goodreads account, be sure to follow me there too! I'll try to become more active as time goes on.

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday, I know I am.

- Frank

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