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The Harbinger Approaches!

After a year of hard work, my second novel is ready to release ... on October 1st.

While writing the final chapters of Homecoming, I was toying around with ideas for a new and completely unrelated novel. But as I was putting the bow on that first story, I realized there were a lot of loose ends that I wasn't satisfied leaving hanging where they were.

The idea for this second story appeared pretty quickly after that. I realized that while Homecoming told the story of those who died in the bombing and their harrowing stint in Limbo, there was still so much to explore about the bereaved and the world they were left with.

I'm honestly extremely proud with how things came out. I was able to expand on the lore that I established and dive deeper into the siblings and relatives only briefly mentioned by our heroes in the first story. Because of the big reveal of the killer though, you definitely want to read Homecoming first.

Together, these two books are the "Villa Vista Duology". I don't plan on making anything more related to these families, but maybe I'll pay little tributes and and Easter Eggs to them in future novels.

This time, I knew everything from the get-go, so we'll have the hardcover out with everything else right away. The two look great next to each other on a shelf. But I can't put up pictures until I actually publish and get some author copies... lol.

On a different subject, the Homecoming audiobook is super close to being done. I had a much busier year than I anticipated ... for all the right reasons. My new ETA for that is January. Hopefully Audible will accept me, if not, I'm putting it up somewhere as quick as I can (Google Books?) because I am very proud of this too and think people will enjoy the performance of bringing the characters to life.

I hope you all have had a good year, and my original "second novel" idea is being moved to center-stage again. So, that will hopefully come out some time next year. I'd like to get a Harbinger audiobook recorded eventually too, but with time constraints and my new computer that's probably going to end up in 2024. I'm just one guy after all, and this is still a passion project ... for now.

Hope all of you students out there are having a truly happy Homecoming season! - Frank

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