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Final Proofs

Probably time to write a full, proper blog post. Been spending the last month doing the paperback and e-book design. The paperback printed the text too big in the first proofs for some reason. Now that that's fixed, the printing costs have come down a lot. I thought I was going crazy at first, but once I compared it to paperbacks of similar genre and length (200K words), it was obvious. Have a new set of paperback proofs on the way from Amazon. If those look golden, then I'll move forward with IngramSpark and set up paperback distribution through their non-Amazon channels.

I will be doing the KDP Select (Kindle e-book exclusivity) for 90 days, but once that is up (in December) I will mass distribute the e-book through IngramSpark as well. So that will be available in time for the holidays. I am also 1/3 of the way through the audiobook (7/21 hours), so no guarantee when that will be out. I would like to have it out in time for Christmas, but it all depends on my day job and obligations over the holidays. This is just a hobby, for now, my artistic expression. I don't see myself ever stopping per se, but I can only devote so much spare time to writing and production in any given season.

Ideally, I've always wanted to be able to release a novel per year. Next year's novel is already well on its way.

Obviously, will be your go-to news source for updates, and I'll post links across social media with each blog post to bring you here as well. To those first readers, thank you for giving Homecoming a chance. If you enjoy it and want to stay plugged in for future novels and releases, please share links arounds to friends and family. The e-book releases September 18th for Amazon Kindle and will be out on paperback before that. So stay tuned!

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