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The debut novel by Frank Winter. Homecoming follows the stories of several high school couples after their school is destroyed during the dance. They wake up in a strange afterlife and run into new perils with each passing hour. Now they must search for their killer, face the other demons among them, and hope beyond hope for atonement and escape.

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Frank Winter is a native of Northern California who was born into a wonderful family that supported his passions and aspirations. He grew up loving the performing arts, inspired by the animated musicals of the 1990s. During his university days, he dabbled in local theatre as well as productions put on by his church. At the same time, he expanded his interests to include creative writing. This quickly evolved from lyrics to short stories to long-form fiction.

After graduation he pushed forward in his career as a mechanical engineer while continuing to moonlight in writing and music. Following years of honing his craft, he finally decided to pursue an old story idea to be released as his debut novel.

"Homecoming" is now available on paperback, and releases for Kindle on September 18th.

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